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Sumykhimprom increased export shipments of titanium dioxide in February 2015 by 37%

Release Date: Visit:168 Source:Shanghai Jiuta Chemical Co., Ltd.

Sumykhimprom increased its exports of titanium dioxide to 2,500 tonnes in February, up 37% compared with the January level, according to ICIS-MRC Price Report.
Total export shipments titanium dioxide from Sumykhimprom in January-February 2015 was 4,300 tonnes. R-206 grade is traditionally the most popular grade in foreign markets. Exports of this grade were 2,350 tonnes in the first two months of the year. Then follow the brands R-202, R-203 and R-204, the final export of which in January and February were 1,950 tonnes.
The biggest market for Ukrainian titanium dioxide remains Russia. Exports of titanium dioxide from Sumykhimprom in Russia were 2,120 tonnes in January-February 2015. The share of export shipments to Russia in total exports of Sumyhimprom. The producer increased its export prices for titanium dioxide in late February. Ukrainian export prices of titanium dioxide in February were heard in the range of UAH39,000-46,000/tonne FCA Sumy, excluding VAT.
"Sumykhimprom" - the largest producer of complex fertilizers in Ukraine. JSC "Sumykhimprom" produces phosphate mineral fertilizers and other goods of inorganic chemistry. Its activities include design and research; wholesale and retail trade; intermediate services on consumer goods sales; and construction organizations. Its products include granphos, superphosphate ammoniated, sulfuric acid, oleum, reactive sulfuric acid, coagulants to treat potable water and sewage, paints, construction lime, cement activator, and consumer goods. 100% of shares of "Sumyhimprom" are state-owned.