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Jiuta Titanium Dioxide solution for plastics

Plastic industry is the fastest growing field as the second largest user of titanium dioxide in recent years. In the application of plastic products, Titanium dioxide has outstanding hiding power, high tint strength, excellent dispersion and other pigment performances, it also can improve heat resistance, light resistance and weather-ability of plastic products to protect from UV light, improve plastic products mechanical property and electrical property.

With the continuous expansion of the plastic products application, JIUTA titanium dioxide has non-toxic, stable chemical properties, high hiding power, good dispersion and other advantages as white pigment. It makes excellent compatibility with PVC resin with stable quality, meet large span of production process and suitable for the variety of formula products application. Meanwhile, it also meets the European Union, the United States, Japan and domestic environmental protection and safety standards.

In order to address some big challenges from society, and produce brighter, more durable and more efficient products. JIUTA is committed to innovating and improving the reliability of titanium dioxide.

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