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Our products are used in many fields We are committed to providing the high quality and stabilized products to help customers realize sustainable growth

The titanium dioxide we produce is different

In order to meet the different needs of many uses, we have developed a series of titanium dioxide products, each of which has unique advantages and can provide excellent performance in specific applications, which is derived from our long-term continuous improvement of production processes and Strict quality control to ensure its reliable quality.

JIUTA professional titanium dioxide solution provider

We always dig deep into customer needs with an altruistic attitude, respond to customers as quickly as possible, and provide the most suitable titanium dioxide solutions from multiple dimensions such as customer applications, equipment, formulas, production environments, and quality requirements, and spread warmth and love to customers. Since 1995, we have been producing and supplying high-quality titanium dioxide to global customers in the fields of plastics, ink, paper, chemical fiber and other applications. It is our constant pursuit to provide customers with more excellent whiteness, covering, more durable and more efficient products.