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Jiuta titanium dioxide solution for ink

In the use of ink systems, titanium dioxide is widely used as a colorant in inks because of its stable physical and chemical properties, white color, small particles, high refractive index, and the ability to mix evenly with fuels, making ink products have Stable chemical properties, light resistance, heat resistance, resistance to dilute acid, dilute alkali, hydrophobic and lipophilic, small fluidity, fine and uniform particles, good grinding and dispersibility, etc. It can be evenly mixed with fuel, insoluble in the colorants, but can be evenly dispersed in the colorants, and is widely used in inks. Not only it has very good weather resistance, dispersibility, hiding power and whiteness, but also meet the requirements of low oil absorption, as well as excellent temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

In order to address some big challenges from society, and produce brighter, more durable and more efficient products. JIUTA is committed to innovating and improving the reliability of titanium dioxide.

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