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Jiuta Titanium Dioxide Solutions for Coatings

Titanium dioxide as an efficient light scattering pigment, the main component of titanium dioxide has the advantages of high refractive index, strong tinting power, high whiteness, non-toxic and good stability, providing excellent whiteness and opacity for the paint coating. Titanium dioxide is widely used in coatings, plastics, paper and ink industries, of which the largest amount is the paint and coating industry, accounting for about 60%. Whether solvent-based or water-based coatings, if the use of titanium dioxide, its role is not only opacity and decoration, the more important role is to improve the physical and chemical properties of the coating, enhance chemical stability, So as to improve the hiding power, tinting power, corrosion resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, enhance the mechanical strength and adhesion of the paint film, prevent cracks, prevent UV and moisture, which can help to anti-aging, Prolong the life of paint film.

With the rapid increase of the automobile industry, construction industry and water-based coatings market, the overall demand for titanium dioxide is also increasing day by day.

In order to address some big challenges from society, and produce brighter, more durable and more efficient products. JIUTA is committed to innovating and improving the reliability of titanium dioxide.

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