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Titanium concentrate reserves

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Titanium is abundant on the earth. There are more than 140 kinds of titanium-bearing minerals in the earth's crust, but there are only more than ten kinds of minerals with mining value. The mined titanium mineral deposits can be divided into two categories: rock deposits and placer deposits. The rock deposits are igneous rock deposits with the characteristics of concentrated deposits and large reserves. The content of FeO (compared to Fe2O3) is high, the content of gangue is high, and the structure is compact. , And most of them are symbiotic ore. The main minerals of this type of deposits are ilmenite, titanomagnetite, etc. It is difficult to separate the ore beneficiation, and the TiO2 content of the produced titanium concentrate generally does not exceed 50%.
Placer titanium deposits are secondary deposits, which are formed from rock deposits that are stripped by weathering and then washed and enriched by water. They are mainly concentrated on coasts, river beaches, rice fields and other places. The minerals include rutile, sandy ilmenite, brookite, and white titanium. The characteristics of this mineral are: Fe2O3 (relative to FeO) content is high, the structure is loose, and the impurities are easy to separate. Most of the selected concentrates contain more than 50% of TiO2.